Thursday, August 2, 2007

:: untitled ::

(I'd love feedback and/or title suggestions for this poem that came to me late last night while playing with my sweetie pie...)


Could a flower thrive
In darkness?
I think it could be done...
A pretty blossom,
Locked away,
Without the warmth of sun.
Forced to feed
Upon itself--
To nourish its own soul.
A living,
To being truly whole.

copyright AHCaffrey, 2007


Anonymous said...

It's a strong image with a very nice structure. I see a gorgeous blossom on a frail, delicate stem.

A title is not immediately coming to me.

The Quoibler said...


I pictured a very colorful blossom, too -- something that was growing despite its dreary surroundings.

I also had in my mind the image of a child who had not been encouraged by his/her parents in any way but managed to thrive in the figurative darkness.

Thanks for your ideas!