Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Call me... we'll do lunch

There's something about this time of year that always reminds me of my back-to-school days in the Crustacean period (or thereabouts.)

Today, I starting reminiscing about the lunch boxes I had as a child. Two made such a huge impression on me as a child that I decided to seek out replicas of them online.

The first was a bright blue plastic Snoopy/Woodstock lunch box that I carried everywhere.

It was fabulous and made me feel very grown-up and sassy. Unfortunately, Todd W. dropped it (accidentally?) on the floor in fifth grade, rendering it useless from that day forward. He actually had a similar Peanuts-themed lunch box of his own, and I was furious that he didn't give me his as a replacement! I loved that lunch box. Heck, I'm still thinking about it with fondness over twenty-five years later! [insert sappy violin music]

Imagine my excitement when I found an exact replica of my long lost Snoopy lunch box on... where else?... eBay! Yes, you can purchase it here by being the highest bidder as of August 29th. Let me know if you win!

The second lunch box that stole my heart was a tacky Dukes of Hazzard model, shown here(thanks again, eBay!) Yes, it's a rotten piece of garbage with a crappy photo on the front, but I worshipped at the altar of that commercial thing and wanted so badly to become Daisy Duke so I could run around with Bo and Luke and wear short-shorts and high heels.

I don't recommend purchasing the Dukes lunch box, however; stick with Snoopy if you're going vintage.

In a related "the-more-things-change-the-more-they-stay-the-same" story, my four-year-old son has inherited from his Grandad a camouflage bag that's not really a lunch box, per se, but more of a "keep things cool/hot" storage container.

He's planning on bringing it with him to pre-K in a couple of weeks and stocking it nightly with goodies such as apples, bananas, yogurt, sandwiches and, most certainly, sugary treats.

I'm sure he'll remember his first lunch box wistfully when he's getting gray hairs and it's almost September.


Anonymous said...

I was always a lunch buyer, even when I didn't like what was being served. I missed out on the lunch box serendipity.

The Quoibler said...


That's too bad... the lunch boxes I had carried more than just blackened bananas and Tastycakes... they carried memories, too. :)