Monday, August 6, 2007

~ power noshes ~

I have a secret love.


Okay, maybe it's not so secret (look at my hips, for crying out loud! I have a cupcake from 1986 that still clings to my thighs and won't let go... talk about tenacity!)

However, I'm fortunate in that I love "good" food as much as "bad".

There's nothing like a granny smith apple to make me smile even as I have to negotiate pay rates. Baby carrots are satisfying to munch on while pounding out a deadline-driven assignment. And let us not forget that first cup of moderately strong coffee (preferably made by my hubby who has a knack for brewing a smooth blend of java) to start the day off right.

But I don't always eat well. No way.

There are nights spent with my laptop and leftover cake. There are afternoons where whole boxes of crackers mysteriously disappear (and my son isn't to blame.) I've even resorted to eating gummy worms before bedtime for that final sugary "kick" to help finish a project on time.

Power noshing. It's not always healthy, but, dang. It's sure enjoyable, at least in the short-term.

Well, on to the gym to extricate the pastry I ate in '92 from my derriere...


The Individual Voice said...

Angelique: I am noshing on your posts. Added you to my links. I'm hooked.

The Quoibler said...


I really enjoy your posts, too--they are always so well-written and intellectually stimulating. Thank you! I'll be adding you to my links as well; I'm hoping to update them all today or tomorrow!