Monday, August 27, 2007

Snippy McBippy

I'm in a snippy, snarky, snarly kind of mood due to lack of sleep combined with too many unexpected events getting in the way of my "expected" unexpected occurrences!

My routine has been disturbed, and I feel a little like a caged bear, ready to tear open the Lightning McQueen backpacks of the first cub scouts who dare to cross my path.

* Snarl. *

Funny thing is, I was feeling much worse before I finally gave in to my bad mood. Now that I'm joking about it, a grin is trying to make its way onto my pursed lips.

In retrospect, I think my real problem has been trying to swim against the tide of a sour humor. Instead of acknowledging it, I was building a wall against it... only to become seven times as irritated every time the wall came crashing down.

When I stopped resisting and embraced the truth of the matter, I felt much freer. I could actually float on top of my darkness instead of becoming submerged beneath it.

Ultimately, I'm not quite as biting any longer, which is fortunate for those in my life.

(But if I were a cub scout with a Disney-themed backpack, I'd still be wary of running into me.)

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the individual voice said...

It takes much more energy to fight a feeling than to just feel it. Always.