Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Like a banana cream pie in the face, it hit me yesterday: I am a full time writer.

Yes, I knew I was writing frequently, but I always described myself as writing "part time".

Whenever I tell people "what I do" (god, I hate that phrase... isn't there a more interesting way to ask about someone's life?), I answer: "I'm a part-time writer, part-time modeling and acting instructor, part-time performer and full-time at-home mother."

Now, I'm going to have to change how I refer to myself.

Reality has set in that I'm on a full-time path with my writing. It has just kind of happened.

I originally planned to stay PT, but I've ended up FT. I can handle it, but I'm going to have to watch myself because I don't want to end up AT ("All Time"). That would be a bit much and I'd have to forgo sleep. Not a likely scenario!

Epiphany, anyone?


the individual voice said...

How about: I'm a writer and mom. My hobbies are teaching modeling and acting. Oh, and I'm also an actor in my spare time. Modeling just had to go.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought epiphany would come not like the proverbial thief in the night, but rather like a pie in the face, and a banana cream one at that. Your entertaining entry above offers valuable corroborating evidence.

Of course, you may have meant that pie in the face proverbially, too. But since you are an actress, your chances of having caught an actual pie in the kisser are somewhat greater than the average (wo)man on the street.

The Quoibler said...

tiv ~ Beautiful, short, and says it all. I like it!

anon ~ ha! You're right... I probably would have a better chance of being hit in the face with a banana cream pie than the average Jo(sephine)!