Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Could it really be August 20?

It's so strange to get sidetracked from blogging here for almost two weeks... how does that happen?

I'm not really so busy that I cannot breathe or take a break.

At least, I don't think I'm that busy.

Let me check.

(*breathes in and out a few times*)

Nope, still here and the ol' ticker's working, too.

Well, I shall just endeavor (as I've done before, I admit with much shame) to be a better blogger. Or to hire someone to blog on my behalf. I can pay in applause. Maybe gummy bears. (Nah, I'll keep the gummies. Sorry. I'm a selfish only child.)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Nothing like a bit of controversy!

UPDATE 8/3/2008: It looks like the posting has been removed. I'm guessing that with this round of the contest over, Deb and Jodee at FWJ decided not to keep an article with questionable language "live". Sorry if you missed the piece; it did make quite a splash!


There's a post at Freelance Writing Gigs that's stirring up tons of old-fashioned controversy.

Written by the anonymous "Candidate #12", a contestant in FWJ's Idol contest, the piece has generated tons of comments.

Some people are offended by the tone of the post. Others find it confusing. I find it quite inspirational and witty.

What's your take?

Is it over-the-top or does it motivate you to get your tush in gear?