Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My heroes have always been... um... uh...?

I have always been impressed when someone waxes about his/her personal heroes. Usually, that hero is an individual very close to him/her (mother, father, sister, brother, et cetera) or someone universally recognizable (e.g., Gandhi, a world political or religious leader, Oprah Winfrey.)

(DISCLAIMER: Just for the record, I am not an Oprah fan. I find her incredibly self-absorbed even though she does have moments of altruistic behavior. I merely chose her as a celeb example instead of Paris Hilton because it's early and I can't think of anyone better right now. *yawn* *coffee slurping ensues*)

Back to the blog topic...

I, however, have no heroes.

Certainly, I've encountered adults and kids who were heroic--there's no question about that. But there's no one I "look up to" and try to emulate.

I've tried to imagine what it must be like to have a hero. I'm guessing it makes you feel very comforted and inspired.

But does it also create an internal struggle to put a person on a pedestal so much higher than yourself? In other words, does it give you the impression that you're never good enough because you cannot possibly be as [fill-in-the-blank] as your hero(es)?

Heavy stuff for 6:41 a.m., huh?

(I need more caffeine.)


Verilion said...

Just read your story over at The Clarity of Night which I really liked BTW. This is an interesting post too. I too have no specific heroes. There are people that I admire, and respect a great deal and learn from them, but I have never elevated anybody into a kind of deity figure. Now, I'm wondering if certain writers are heroes, but no I think I prefer my heroes to come in the super variety and wear a funny costume!

Jennifer said...

I have a hero of sorts. But it's a whole family. Long story sort; my mom was a total loony toon. Loony toon as in you don't want her to know where you live loony. Anyhow it was not fun to grow up with her.

But the one good thing she did was pick up some random guy at a bar once. Actually she did that all the time but once she picked up the right guy. They broke up but his mother and sister and him sort of adopted me and my siblings. They always came to birthdays, holidays, we spent a lot of time with them. I eventually ended up living with the mother and the sister adopted my little brother.

They're likely the main reason my sibs and I are 'normal' and not leading weird destructive lives. That's the short version.

But I can't ever repay them for all they've done so I try to give back in other ways. I used to work with homeless kids getting them off the streets and I volunteer with Big Sisters of America and other places.

Who knows who the kids I work with will go on to help... and so on and so on. That's a real hero (or in my case three heros). Someone who starts a cycle like that. A cycle that's ongoing. It's really amazing to think about. We could use more cycles like that.

Sorry to take up so much comment. Your post got me going.

The Quoibler said...

Verilion ~ Thanks for stopping by and for mentioning the story on Halo. I had so much fun writing it--and although I think it hasn't a chance in Hades at winning any awards, that's honestly a-okay with me. Back to the topic at hand... you cracked me up mentioning costumed superheroes. I think most of those outfits are absolutely horrendous unless you have a six-pack and muscular definition to die for! :)

Jennifer ~ What wonderful heroes! And I love how they've encouraged you to seek out opportunities to help others. I hope you're able to share with them just how much they mean to you someday.

the individual voice said...

I have been mulling this over for a few days and finally posted about my hero, or rather role model, today. Thanks for starting me thinking. It's time I put your link on my blog.

Nita said...

This was a good post, it apparently got a lot of us thinking. Iliked the idea so much I wrote about some of my heroes on my blog. And yes, I have linked yours so I can keep coming back. Btw, thanks Jen for pointing me in this direction with the link on your blog.

The Quoibler said...

"tiv" and Nita:

You know, since I posted this, I've been thinking about it constantly. It's strange to not have anyone in my life to really "look up to". As I mentioned, there are people I highly respect and admire, but no one I really consider my personal "hero."

Hmm. Maybe someday that will change. In any case, glad to get you thinking about your own heroes! And Nita - keep coming back, please! :)