Saturday, September 29, 2007

Every heard of Freegans?


Ever heard of them?

Apparently, they are vegans (or at least vegetarians) who search others' garbage cans for produce and goods. They want to reduce the waste in this country (and in other countries as well, I assume) by "recycling" (or simply using) what some people would deem refuse.

This used to be called "dumpster diving", I think. Or maybe that's entirely different.

Can anyone out there enlighten us about freeganism? I've checked a variety of websites for info, but I'd enjoy hearing more "first hand" accounts or knowledge.


SzélsőFa said...

Whenever we tour the countryside and come accross a nice plumtree for example that bears lots of ripe treats, well, I do take my share. Shamelessly.
I am not a vegetarian.

the individual voice said...

No, but I thought that comment you published and then deleted the post of was mean and you responded to it incredibly graciously that showed what a "nice" person you are, really. I just hope you didn't take the message to heart.

The Quoibler said...

Szelsofa: (I love that name... what does it mean in Hungarian, please?) I don't think that's a problem at all--as long as the owner of the tree does not care (and why should he/she/they?), not a problem. I think Freegans actually rummage through garbage cans, which in America may or may not be illegal!

Tiv: I actually didn't delete the post, and it's still showing up today, so maybe the poster tried to delete it? In any case, I agree that it was mean spirited, and I'm not certain where he/she was coming from. I did some soul-searching, and I think that, after all, it is MY blog, so it will absolutely have a ton of "ME" in it! :) Besides, he/she was assuming I'm NOT already insane! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a disorder. Yuck.