Tuesday, September 4, 2007

the opposite of "cool"

As readers of this blog (especially those who are friends offline) already know, my son starts pre-K today. In a few hours, he'll get his first taste of classroom life... and I'll have time to work (if I'm not crying profusely and bemoaning my lack of a little buddy.)

In honor of this momentous occassion, I've been thinking about times as a school girl when I thought I was "cool". Of course, I was woefully geeky, but I didn't know it then... enjoy these anecdotes!

- When I was about eight or nine, I loved to go to the roller skating rink in our small Pennsylvania town. Nothing made me feel cooler than "feathering" my hair with a big rectangular comb while skating. (Incidentally, the comb was bright orange and bore the words "Hot Stuff".) I wore terry cloth shorts for that extra special touch. I never understood why the guys didn't flock to me. Now I know.

- When I was in fifth grade, I decided it would be awesome to wear bell bottomed jeans to school. (Bell bottoms were no longer in style, by the way.) That very same day, our class videotaped a play and my best friend, Sarah, and I couldn't stop cracking up because those darned pants swayed so insistently, even when I was standing still. Did I mention that I was also chubby and in a decidedly "awkward" stage of life? Not a pretty sight.

- When I was just starting first grade, I brought a purse to class. I believe it was dark blue faux leather with a white daisy clasp. I put tissues in it and probably other stuff as well. I felt so "grown up" that I just had to keep interrupting the teacher to show it off. I don't remember the outcome, but I'm sure that she didn't think I was cute as a button!

Today, I look back on these (and many, many other) memories with mixed emotions. On the one hand, they are retrospectively embarrassing. On the other hand, they greatly amuse me.

I wonder what "uncool" school moments my munchkin will recall when he's in his mid-thirties?


SzélsőFa said...

I recall, I had some of those fashion choices myself...I feel embarrassed about them now...

But let's think about the situation otherwise: when I was a kid, my mom used to wear turtleneck with a tshirt on, when it was cold outside. I hated this collection of clothing, I though she was dressing 'uncool'.

Now, you bet what my fav. choice of clothing is when it comes to cold weather.
You won.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In little league, I suddenly decided it was ultra cool to spit. Thankfully, my parents put a stop to that after a couple of outings.

Jennifer said...

Pretty much now you've made yourself super cool by giving away all your uncool past. Old school un-hip is the new black. Really, um, I think. Hey, but like Jason I thought it was cool to spit too when I was maybe 11? It sure was not. Mostly I was cool though. Although, when I look at pictures now I seriously can't imagine what my friends and I were thinking fashion wise. Honestly, school girl skirts and thigh highs -- oh no. But the cute skater boys liked it :)

SzélsőFa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SzélsőFa said...

Wait, I even took part in a sour-cherry seed spitting contest. Okay, I was like 10-12...

Has anyone ever done such a thing?

The Quoibler said...

Sounds like I need to have a post dedicated to the art of spitting! :)

Szelsofa: Too funny about the turtleneck/t-shirt combination. And no, I've never been in a cherry seed spitting contest... did you win? :)

Tara: I'm assuming your email is spam. *sigh* Gotta love the creativity of spammers!

Jason: Isn't spitting a big part of the game? I'm glad your parents had the wherewithal to put an end to the spitting. Otherwise, your birthday present that year might have been a spitoon!

Jennifer: I LOVE the line about talking about uncool pasts being "the new black". For some reason, that phrase absolutely cracks me up. But girl--that outfit you described is perfectly Britney Spears-esque! Dear me! I'm scandalized by the thought! :) Just kidding... I've worn "batwing" shirts... much, much worse, I can assure you.

SzélsőFa said...

well actually, the two other contestants were boys, so I lost.
I thought cherry seed spitting contest would come as a usual game among kids, wouldn't it?

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