Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The snack that keeps on giving

In a recent comment I made to Lori on her blog, I suggested she deal with her anger by purchasing and devouring some Middleswarth Bar-B-Q potato chips, a Pennsylvania treat that's unique to our area of the state.

(I think they can be found in grocery stores in New Jersey, Maryland, and parts of Virginia, too, but I'm not certain.)

[As an aside, I kind of swiped the image here from http://www.pasnacks.com/ --couldn't find a copyright, so I'm hoping the company will forgive me since I'm basically praising their product to the hilt!]

I know of what I speak.

Middleswarth's munchies helped me get through years of teenage and twenty-something angst. Deliciously crunchy and salty-sweet, they were the perfect answer to a crappy boyfriend or ticked off parents. Just ask my BFF (I hate that abbreviation, but had to use it just this once) Sarah. She remembers!

Ironically, I haven't eaten any in years. I'm much more of a health food nut than I was two decades ago. But with all the mounting deadlines, the whole "is-my-son-going-to-cause-a-fuss-about-school" concerns, and the general stresses that come with being alive, I think I'll have to purchase at least a small bag.

If you have never tried this food of the gods, jump onto the link I've provided above. There, you can order (if you're in the 48 contiguous states, that is) a sampling of Middleswarth treats.

I can't promise that they'll take away your tension forever, but I can tell you that you'll remember them for their greasy goodness.

Happy noshing!


Anonymous said...

I need to get me some of them.

SzélsőFa said...

allow me to taste it whenever I come over to you, right?
we don't have those around here :(

Sue said...

middleswarth bbq chips are food of the gods. best chips ever. when we lived in ohio, i'd have them sent to me or i'd stock up when i'd go home for a visit. my favorite snack ever.

The Quoibler said...

Jason ~ You bet you do!

Szelsofa ~ Absolutely! They need to ship to Hungary!

Sue ~ I have heard so many similar stories about ex-Pennsylvanians who begged relatives to send these potato chips through the mail! They definitely have a crunchy cult following!