Monday, October 1, 2007

Pluggin' away..., part Eins

I thought it might be nice to "share the love" and invite readers to visit some of the blogs I regularly peruse.

Consequently, this week will be PLUGGING AWAY WEEK at Recess for Writers!

I'm going to start with Offbeat Homes, one of the first blogs I "discovered" and have continued to return to for many moons.


First of all, Jennifer (the site's uber-cool blogging chick) brings readers information about crazy, unique and innovative homes they would otherwise never know. A house made entirely of feces? A tree house that's nicer than most condos and apartments? Roof gardens to die for?

Really, you never know what Jennifer will bring to the table--which adds to the excitement. Every time I stop by, I'm treated to new information, complete with hyperlinks and gorgeous (and sometimes strange!) imagery.


1. Jennifer's voice comes through the text as clear as a bell. Every post reads in a conversational manner--you really feel like you "know" her.

2. It's obvious that Jennifer trolls (or "trawls", whichever you prefer--both seem to be used by bloggers and cyber surfers) the Internet looking to outdo herself. She isn't a slacker! She takes her job very seriously... while having fun with it, too!

3. The comments section at Offbeat Homes is always a hoot. People post their opinions with abandon, and Jennifer ALWAYS responds, as a solid moderator should.


- Want to learn how and where other people are living... and why they are making the choice to be "offbeat".
- Would like some design ideas for interiors and exteriors.
- Are thinking of moving and would like to live in a shoe, cave, or underwater hotel.

Stop by Offbeat Homes, and please tell Jennifer I sent you!

Next time, I'll talk about The Clarity of Night...


the individual voice said...

Fun blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So cool that you are profiling blogs! It's a great way to learn what else is out there.

The Quoibler said...

Tiv ~ Offbeat Homes is a lot of fun. Go into some of the archived articles--they are a blast! And the photos are super.

Jason ~ You're next, you know! :)

SzélsőFa said...

I've checked this blog, which I would not have found otherwise.
Via this blog, I found an interesting article about a very inspiring method of house-building. Someone in the British isles has built a house not unlike those of the hobbits - it lloks awesome!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh... Thanks so much. I should use this when I send out resumes or something. I would have been by sooner to say thanks but I've been moving hence, taking three days off. But I keep sneaking around the internet. I have a serious blogging problem -- I can't stay away.

This is the nicest plug I've ever gotten; ever! Plus it's been a lame week what with the move so it was great to see this. I will absolutely have to brag about this one at offbeat :)

The Quoibler said...

Jason (again) ~ FYI... I decided to do it when I realized that I don't automatically try every blog link on others' pages. This way, people can decide for themselves whether or not they want to visit a blog based on more than the blog title.

Szelsofa ~ Isn't the hobbit house fascinating? I like the treehouse so much!

Jennifer ~ Every word was true. I stand by my love of Offbeat Homes. And I'm glad you enjoyed hearing what others' think of your terrific blog!

The Quoibler said...

Oops... that should be others, not others'. Told ya I'm no angel!