Monday, September 24, 2007

Warning: This Post Rated PG-13 for Adult Language

I'm tired today. Really tired. Drop dead tired. I'm functioning, I'm writing, I'm working, I'm playing, I'm reading, I'm grocery shopping, I'm organizing, I'm talking... but I'm damn tired.

On days like these when I've barely had any sleep to speak of, I get a little punchy at points. Now is one of those giggly moments. I can't stop laughing at bizarre things, like squirrels frolicking on the back deck or my dimpled thighs. (Oh, wait. Those aren't funny at all. Crap.)

Ironically, these times of utter fatigue have become the inspiration for a humorous (or not) book I'd like to write.

It's a book for adults that will look like a children's book. It will be called "Dragon Ass", a reference to the statement many of us woefully declare: "Man, my ass is draggin'."

The protagonist will be a lovable, but exhausted, dragon.

He'll spend the story having a series of sleep-related misadventures, kind of a reverse "Rip Van Winkle" experience. At the end, he'll finally lay his head down on the pillow just as the alarm rings.

At that point, he'll breathe fire onto the clock, melting it.

Happily, Dragon Ass will fall into a peaceful slumber.

Dragon Ass.

Say it out loud. I dare you.

Tell me, does it not make you chuckle?


the individual voice said...

You ARE punchy.

The Quoibler said...

Tiv ~ You bet I am! :) I'm enjoying your blogs on humor, by the way. I just haven't had the time to post.