Friday, September 7, 2007

The Top 10 Lies Freelance Writers Tell Themselves

10. "This piece couldn't possibly be improved!"

9. "One more can of Mountain Dew won't affect me..."

8. "I can interview someone over the phone when my kids are in the room because they are old enough to be quiet for mommy/daddy."

7. "I'm too smart to fall for a writing scam and subsequently get stiffed for money."

6. "I'll have the energy to finish this later after the kids are in bed and I've done the dishes, folded the laundry and written out the week's bills."

5. "I'll just take a peek at a couple of blogs--it won't take more than a couple minutes."

4. "I'll just write at the dining room table tonight... but it won't be an every day thing."

3. "The client I have today will be the client I have tomorrow."

2. "I don't have time to submit queries."

1. "Now I'm finally one of the 'cool' kids."


Jennifer said...

I love this list! Sadly I fear I've said a few of these to myself :( But oh so funny stuff.

SzélsőFa said...

I'm not a freelance writer, but some of them sound familiar to me :)

Nita said...

I love the list. #5 especially, I'm here in blog world aren't I?

the individual voice said...

Like your list. Like the shadows photo. Mentioned you in today's post, hope you don't mind. Will delete if you do. It's about being "nice."

The Quoibler said...

Jennifer ~ Oh, yeah. I'm still saying them. :)

Szelsofa ~ I hear ya!

Nita ~ And we're happy that you're here, believe me!

Tiv ~ My son and I are the shadow people. (I love that description, by the way.) And you already know how excited I was by the "link slut" connection. I'm still waiting for that award...! :)