Saturday, September 1, 2007


A horoscope based on colors? Why not?

Here's your "Hue-a-Scope" for the coming week (Sunday, September 2nd - Saturday, September 8th).* I hope it's a wonderful one!

(* For entertainment purposes only, as they say!)

ARIES: Gold ~ You have the magic touch--go forth and allow your alchemy to shine!

TAURUS: Red ~ Be passionate and fiery. Remember that life is short!

GEMINI: Orange ~ Allow your creativity to reign and don't be sucked into conformity.

CANCER: Purple ~ You deserve to be treated royally, so don't allow yourself to settle for second best.

LEO: Black ~ A deep, serious thoughtfulness can often lead to serendipitous discoveries. Embrace contemplation.

VIRGO: Yellow ~ You will be a bright spot in someone's life and bring smiles and delight wherever you journey.

LIBRA: White ~ The world in its purest forms awaits you. Be vulnerable enough to accept honesty.

SCORPIO: Blue ~ Family has special meaning. What you thought you knew about those you love is only half the story.

SAGITTARIUS: Pink ~ There is a newness to your life this week. Look upon all the fresh possibilities with the eyes of a child.

CAPRICORN: Gray ~ You feel a strong bond with something that's been a part of your life since you were a youngster. Remember, though, that letting go is often more important than holding tight.

AQUARIUS: Green ~ Nature calls! (No, not that way!) Pay special attention to the earth, sky and animals around you. They have much to say.

PISCES: Silver ~ This week takes on a gossamer shine as you happily experience one positive revelation after another.

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