Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time to Clean

I have a secret that's not-so-secret to anyone who comes to my house:

I hate to clean.

I love to write, love to play with my son, love to perform, love to instruct, love to sleep, love to eat, love to chat, love to analyze dreams, love to read, love to cook, but I...


I tell myself on a daily basis that I'm working hard--freelancing, mommying, wifeing, best friending. It sort of makes me feel a little less of a failure. But I know in the back of my mind that I'm definitely doggin' it when it comes to the cleaning thing. So I've made a big decision: I'm going to have to contact a cleaning service.

I feel strangely ashamed, as if asking for help were a crime, a sin, an admittance of guilt.

I was brought up with the notion that every woman could have time for every thing, including a great family life, a fulfilling (and lucrative) career, and the ability to make tiles shine.

This hasn't happened.

If I were to honestly "grade" myself, the report card would look something like this:

Writing: A- (need to become better organized)
Mommy Stuff: B+ (need to play with son more often)
Appearance: C (need to work on the hair)
Wife Stuff: C+ (need to find more time to be with my husband alone)
Friend Stuff: B (need to stay in touch!)
Acting: A- (it can always be a little better!)
Community Service: B (need to find more time to help others)
Teaching: B (need to pump up my class more)
Cleaning: F- (needs more improvement than could possibly be described in this report card)

Oh, well. At least I got that B+ in Mommying...


Anonymous said...

This post really rings true. It feels like the balance is nearly impossible. We leave cleaning for last also. Very different than the older generation. The only way to have those Betty Crocker houses is to spend every free moment with a mop.

the individual voice said...

You clearly have your priorities straight.

Hoodie said...

Amen, Sister!

I'm alway shocked when people just "drop by." Then I have to stand embarrassed in the doorway wondering which is more rude, not inviting them in or making them wade through the house of terrors. (Perhaps it's not quite that bad.)

Then I realize that these are the people whose homes really do look immaculate all the time.

Who are these people?

My father-in-law once commented that he was surprised at the amount of mess his son was willing to live in. It was like being bitten. *Sigh* I do my best.

SzélsőFa said...

Sometimes, I am your opposites. my husband keeps telling me I'm obsessed with cleaning. Which is untrue. But please take off your shoes in the house, and don't sit down on the garden if you wish to enter the house in the first place.
I don't think that's obsession. Is it?

Lori said...

Cleaning? Do people still DO that? :)) Look, I clean every errant weekend when I remember. If it's dusty, I'll dust when I'm on the phone. Other than that, I get help from the other inhabitants, who by the way are making the messes, too.

Beth said...

I think a home reflects the mind of the person in charge of it. A clutter home, cluttered mind. I like to keep things neat and clean, but I don't work outside of the home. I am a wife/mother.

If I did work outside of the home, I would definitely hire a cleaning service if I didn't have time to do it myself. I think you shouldn't have your attention on something, which someone else can do easily. Plus, it'll help out the entire family.

A clean home is a healthy home and all that.

Came over from Szelsofa's blog and cleaning/organizing is one of my favorite topics so had to chime in.

The Quoibler said...

Jason: Betty Crocker is my arch-nemesis. :)

TIV: Ha! I know a lot of people who would disagree, but I'm glad you think so!

Hoodie: Why DO people drop by unannounced? I mean, I know in some cultures it's expected. But I rarely say to anyone, "Oh, just come by whenever you feel like it!"

Szelsofa: Hey, if you're happy with your ability to clean, that's all that matters!

Lori: I certainly don't dust. :) We live in The Munsters house.

Beth: Oh, boy! My mind must be all cluttered with cobwebs, then! :) Thanks for coming over!