Monday, October 8, 2007

Pluggin' Away, part Vier

Where oh where did the past few days go? One nasty head cold, a million responsibilities, and suddenly I'm left asking, "Did 72 hours really pass that quickly?" Maybe I was abducted by aliens. That would account for the time loss.

In any case, Szelsofa has been most patient and I appreciate that. In fact, I appreciate so much about her and her blog, Gondolatok az erdoben, that I'm dedicating the rest of this post to telling you about it.

(If you haven't guessed, I've expanded PLUGGIN' AWAY WEEK here at Recess for Writers. Maybe I should call it PLUGGIN' AWAY WEEKS?)


(The blog name, loosely translated, means "thoughts about nature/trees" according to an online translation software program.)

Szelsofa, the author of Gondolatok az erdoben is Hungarian and posts from beautiful eastern Europe. Though English isn't her first language, her prose is remarkably crisp with inspirational and powerful imagery.

Whenever she can, Szelsofa inserts photos of natural items she finds during her walks in the woods. Sometimes, she holds contests which Beth, a.k.a. The Perfect Neurotic, always wins. (Could something be up? Hmmm.)


1. Szelsofa is always straightforward. It's refreshing to know her views without having to guess where she stands on cultural and societal issues.

2. Szelsofa's writings are sensitive, deep and fascinating. She has an amazing command of the written word, especially for someone still learning the many intricacies of English.

3. Szelsofa is cool. You'll want to be her buddy. You'll feel like taking a trip to Hungary just to meet this gal and discuss blogging over a cup of tea and some homemade bread (sans liver pate.)

But don't just take my word for it... pop in to Gondolatok az erdoben right now and see for yourself what's happening on the other side of the Atlantic. Make sure to leave a comment and let Szelsofa know The Quoibler sent you!

The next review?

HINT: It's all about rejection, but in the most amusing way possible.


SzélsőFa said...
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SzélsőFa said...

Well, yes, I was patient. Knowing there would some nice words to come, I defied my nature and waited patiently.
Puns put aside, I am grateful for your kind words.
I'm glad you like what I do and recommend it to other people as well.
As you pointed out I'm straightforward .... So, here I go:

My blog's name, closely translated, means 'thoughts in the forest', but your loose definition is quite allright by me, too.

I have to point out though that Beth, a.k.a. The Perfect Neurotic, DOES NOT always win. I have had 7 contests so far and Beth won like...4...or 5 of them...
I say hmmm.

While I am thankful for your praising my English, I am still learning. I am more than grateful to have supportive comments on my language. I am a lifetime learner I guess.

QUOTE**You'll feel like taking a trip to Hungary just to meet this gal and discuss blogging over a cup of tea and some homemade bread (sans liver pate.)***

Come anytime Angelique, come virtual or real, but if you come, don't forget to leave a message on my blog, btw. *puts a straightforward grin on her cool European face*

Overall, thank you and thank you again :))

I'm glad to have met you and this site.

Beth said...

I so completely agree with everything you wrote here. Szelsofa and I found each other long ago. She's just a wonderful woman. I love her straightforwardness most of all too!

Beth said...

And why can't always win???? Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Yay Szelsofa!

She has a wonderful blog for all the reasons you mention. It's always a heartfelt place.

Thanks again for this blog tour, Angelique. :)

SzélsőFa said...

*shocked by suprise*
*waves a clumsy, but friendly hello to all*

The Quoibler said...


You know what else I like about you? That you have a sense of humor! :)

You deserve plenty of sweet words from your fellow bloggers.


SzélsőFa said...