Monday, October 15, 2007

Pluggin' Away, Part Sechs

Disclaimer: My apologies for being late on this installment of PLUGGIN' AWAY WEEKS. Strep throat and a host of other annoying ailments kept me away from the blogosphere for many days. Damn little germs. And penicillin is no treat, either. Blech.


There's something funny about the word "neurotic", isn't there? Of course, true clinical neuroses aren't amusing (especially if you're on the receiving end of said problems), but everyday neuroses... well, they're kind of enjoyable to discuss.

Beth knows this quite well.

She's the blog mistress over at The Perfect Neurotic, and she takes her role as the ringleader of her circus seriously but with a high degree of mirth.


Let's explore what makes her such a great attribute to cyberspace using the first letters of her name.

B. The Perfect Neurotic is a Bright spot to visit, as the discussion is lively (and ongoing) and the posts are stimulating.

E. I believe I found The Perfect Neurotic through The Clarity of Night. Or maybe Beth found me. Whatever. In any case, I found and find her writing to be highly Entertaining.

T. Whenever someone leaves a comment at The Perfect Neurotic, Beth responds. This type of Thank You is a much-appreciated courtesy among bloggers.

H. Beth blogs with Honesty. Her writings are infused with a sincerity that makes you feel as if you're a trusted confidante.


Are you itching to pop in now?

Be forewarned that the subject could turn to gardening or knitting at any time... but rest assured that even if you have a black thumb (as do I), you'll get a kick out of the discourse.


I hope you've enjoyed our little journey during PLUGGIN' AWAY WEEKS. I'm going to pause from it for a while to move on to other subjects, but I do intend to revisit it periodically.

Thanks to everyone who visited during our virtual tour!


SzélsőFa said...

All your points are right on the spot.
She's honest while keeping grace,
she reflects on comments while never loosing meaning,
she's entertaining while having interesting and deep topics,
she's bright while being down-to earth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you've been sick!

Beth has always been fun during contest time at The Clarity of Night. I really need to visit her blog more. Thanks for the nudge. :)

Beth said...

This was so nice, it made me blush. (actually true) I feel honored and humbled and all the rest of it. I really am neurotic, but I love blogging because every one I read and comment on, I actually enjoy reading and hanging out in cyberspace with. I think that's the trick to liking it. =) Thank you so much, Angelique.

The Quoibler said...

Szelsofa: You are so right!

Jason: No worries about the sickness... I'm on the mend. Now go visiting, darn it! (nudge, nudge)

Beth: Glad to have made you blush. You deserve all the nice comments. Truly.