Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pluggin' Away..., part Zwei

Ready for the next installment during PLUGGING AWAY WEEK here at Recess for Writers?

As promised, I'll be talking about The Clarity of Night and why it's a regular "stop off" on my daily round of blog visits (blisits?)


I have to give tons of credit to Jason Evans, the visionary who maintains The Clarity of Night. He certainly knows how to build a solid community of writers and readers. It's typical for him to get two, three, even four times as many comments per post than you'd find on other blogs.

Every day or so, Jason puts a creative work of his onto the screen for all to see--an installment of an episodic series (take a gander at all nine posts of his work "Westinghoused"... but do so on an empty stomach), a poem, an observation, a question. Occasionally, he even holds writing contests that draw in tons of participants. (Speaking of which, I think we're due for another one, Jason... please!)

But what keeps me coming back is the warmth one feels at his blog. It's a setting that's open, kind and very forgiving. You'll know what I mean when you begin to come back on a regular basis...


3. Jason is willing to put his literary art on display for all to see and critique. That's bold, especially in this era of "blastards".

2. There are tons of excellent writers who visit and comment.

1. Where else can you see photos of a deer who is obviously vying for an Oscar nomination?

Jason, from me to you--a big thanks!

Next time, we'll talk about anger in its funniest form... passive aggressive notes.


Miranda said...

"But what keeps me coming back is the warmth one feels at his blog."

I agree-- The Clarity of Night is very comforting. It reflects all the wonderful aspects of Jason: artistry, caring, humor, sensitivity, and masculinity.

It is my favorite corner of cyberspace --not that I'm biased or anything ;)

SzélsőFa said...

I can second every line you said about today's suggested site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful, wonderful words. :) I'm truly humbled, Angelique. Thank you!!

Jennifer said...

I will have to visit this. I'm back to work tomorrow and luckily can write off blog surfing as work. You do have good taste ;) so I'll assume this is a stellar blog and check it out. I'll let you know what I think. Also, this is such a great idea to plug blogs. I may have to steal it -- credit given of course.

The Quoibler said...

Miranda: Glad you're in agreement! Are you by any chance Mrs. Jason? :) (Or is he Mr. Miranda?)

Szelsofa: Thank you!

Jason: It's my pleasure indeed to give you a "shout out". You are an amazing writer who deserves to be read.

Jennifer: Please do visit Jason's blog. You'll love his ability to transform the way you think about everyday objects.

Also, steal away. :)

Miranda said...

Angelique, Yes, you found me out :)
I've been lurking for years in the blogosphere, but now that our youngest is off to kindergarten, I finally have the time and energy to participate more.

Mr. Miranda? I like that... ;)
But we're really more like "Jason & Miranda."