Saturday, July 14, 2007

a world without punctuation

can you imagine
a world without punctuation
where wont and wont are stripped of their individuality

a universe without hyphens or commas
nothing separated
chaotic muddled
garbled jumbled

no parenthetical asides
no memorable quotes
just one big blob of words
without context
floating in space

will you know a question when you see it
will you hear the emphasis on the page
will you know i mean were
ooops i meant were


we live each second
afraid of the period that indicates closure
fearful of the semicolon that joins us
terrified to reveal our true feelings with exclamation points
devastated when an umlaut challenges our comfort zone
worried that an ellipsis will force reevaluation


its time to add color
its time to add spice
its time to add sorrow
its time to add joy

its time to punctuate

starting now.


Anonymous said...

Such a clever poem. The metaphor of punctuation is perfect.

I once heard that when Christopher Walken reads and prepares a script, he has someone remove all the punctuation. He then lets his instincts provide the emphasis. There is some kind of enticing purity in that approach. I'm sure it drives the writer crazy though.

Anonymous said...

I think that poem is pretty cool it tells us a lot about punctuation and its importance i wish i could stop talking like this now i think i will.


Needless to say, I liked your work. Very well done.


The Quoibler said...

Jason: Thanks for your kind words. I am not-so-secretly in love with Christopher Walken... perhaps I channeled him? :)

Sean: its quite addictive isnt it

Thanks for stopping by, guys!

Anonymous said...

You'll get a kick out of this then: Walkentalk. Enjoy. :D

Jennifer said...

Well, good post as usual.. therefore I tagged you (how's that lead in) Details at Offbeat.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Such a good poem. I loved it. :)