Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Are You Afraid?

Like most writers, I have a complex relationship with the emotion called "fear". After all, it can be a terrific motivator at times. But it can also lead one's creativity and acumen to lock up for lengthy periods.

Each year on January 1st, I honestly examine my personal fears and attempt to tackle one or more throughout the upcoming year. Since we're halfway through 2007, I'd like to introduce a new concept for me - My Biggest Writing Fear.

Last night, I thought long and hard about what I fear the most from a freelance writer's point of view. Was it the fear of success? The fear of failure? The fear of rejection? "No" to all.

What I fear the most is burnout.

If you've ever overextended yourself in any aspect of your life, you'll immediately understand what I mean. The exhaustion. The depression. The lack of motivation. The oversleeping. The underperforming. It's a real bitch-and-a-half.

Of course, now that I've named my fear, I have to work through it so I can leave it behind me and pursue my future goals.

But first, I have an assignment to finish by close of business today... then another... then another...


(Did I mention that overcoming your fears is a hell of a lot more difficult than it sounds?)

So this leads me to a question for any visitors to this blog... what is your biggest fear as a writer?

Speak up... no need to be... afraid. : )


Anonymous said...

Fear...an interesting topic. For me, I suppose my greatest fear is misfiring on a story. What if I expend the insane amount of effort on novel only to find that it resonates with only four and half readers in North America?

Short pieces are much more comfortable, because the risk is low. If I misfire, as long as I get out something different in a reaonable amount of time, no harm done.

The Quoibler said...


Wow - that's something I don't really consider, since I work mainly on relatively short articles and web content.

That would definitely be disheartening to spend tons of time on a product only to find it was a "waste" (or was it? Picasso and Van Gogh weren't necessarily heralded...)

Thanks for popping in!


Jennifer said...

I agree -- burnout; not enough ideas, too little time. Especially if your medium is fresh related (like blogging) it's hard to get new ideas for articles and blogs all the time. I feel like a spy -- always looking and looking.

Other than that, I don't think I have any -- but that's a huge one. And ongoing. Good post!