Monday, July 16, 2007

A Meme about Me... ME! [insert diabolical laughter]

I actually looked up the word "meme" when I was tagged yesterday by Jennifer from Offbeat Homes (one of my faves--check it out!) I just wanted to see the etymology of the word before I tried to write about myself.

What I found was rather complicated, to say the least.

Suffice it to say that I found references to both Darwin and technology. Interesting, but too complex for this posting. So I decided to just push on. If I make any mistakes in blogger etiquette, I'll simply plead guilty and throw myself on the mercy of the court!


Being the wacky blogger that I am, I decided to "switch up" the traditional blogging "meme". Though I'm supposed to post eight items my visitors don't know about me, I'm going to leave some blanks for you to fill in (just use the comments section unless you prefer to remain a "blurker".)

Additionally, I'm going to eschew tagging anyone else right now because I'm such a newbie blogger. (Unless any of you want to be tagged. Jason.. Lori... either of you up to it?)

In any case, here are my eight personal factoids, sans a few key words (those will be supplied by you!) Consider them Monday Mad-Libs for the Mind! :)

Random Stuff about the Quoibler:

1. When I was about five, I wrote a song a bit disturbingly entitled: "She's Got the ______ in Her Hair."

2. It's tough for me to enjoy going to indoor pools because I hate the feeling of walking on ______. I do it, but it makes me cringe.

3. I refer to airplanes as big metal _______. But I still use them for travel.

4. My least favorite musical in the world is _______. Consequently, I hope my son is never in a production, because I'll have to sit there, grin and bear it!

5. I haven't eaten a ______ since August, 1993.

6. About a year ago while on vacation in North Carolina, I discovered my first ______. It wasn't a fun experience.

7. I think men are sexiest when they are wearing ______. Purr, purr!

8. My ideal "date night" would include a trip to ______ in NYC.

Have at 'em!


Anonymous said...

1. whole worm
2. water
3. coffins
4. Reggae (am I spelling that right?)
5. whole worm (see #1)
6. dead body
7. (um, pass)
8. the subway

Jennifer said...

You are officially too clever and fun. Now after I post this I'll link you too my personal blog. BTW, I'm trying to guess the real answers.
1. ?
2. Huh?
3. death traps
4. Oklahoma (that’s mine)
5. Taco
6. Gray hair
7. Nothing, a wig?
8. I hope it’s not Central Park

The Quoibler said...

J & J:

These are making me laugh so hard... though you guys did get a couple right! :)

(Thanks for the link, Jennifer. I "blurked" over at your personal blog and it's a good one!)