Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dream Publications

While avoiding doing my mounting pile of work yesterday (yes, I admit it, I played the role of a July Fourth sloth), I started ruminating about my "dream" publications.

I'm talking about the magazines and newspapers in which I'd love to be published but with whom I currently have no chance in hell (and I have the rejection slips to prove that's true!)

In no particular order, my top five "stretch goal" pubs are:

Ladies Home Journal
The Wall Street Journal
Runner's World

Quite a lovely list.

And as I look at it, I keep thinking, "Why is it that I cannot seem to 'break in' to these markets?" Is it a problem with the quality and/or clarity of my writing? Is it the fact that I live in south central PA? Is it that I have no direct "contacts" at these publications?

Or... dear God... could it be worse than that?

Could it be that I have simply given up trying to achieve my goals?

I think I know the answer. Which means it's time to do something...

* gulp *

Wish me luck.

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