Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I have a confession to make.

I only recently lost my "bloginity".

Sure, I'd been reading other people's blogs for about a year, engaging in titillating cyber voyeurism as I followed others' musings, but I wasn't ready to make any commitments. So I didn't blog, and I never left comments lest I wound up with regrets.

I held on to my bloginity for all it was worth, treasuring it and even touting it at parties and to friends.

However, in April of this year, I willingly gave it away.

It was a spur of the moment, back-seat-of-a-car-after-the-prom-type occurrence.

I'd been thinking about losing my bloginity for a while, was swept away and threw caution to the wind. I signed up on Blogger and plunged in, engaging in the activity that had so fascinated me but had seemed too foreign to try.

Yes, I allowed the Internet to take my bloginity.

At first, I was nervous. Would I know how to do it correctly? Would my "partners" mock me? Would I get a bad reputation? Would I be respected in the morning?

As it turns out, I'm thrilled to be free of my bloginity.

Regardless of puritanical warnings, I've suffered no viruses, have not sullied my good name (if it ever existed), and haven't engaged in any unethical activities.

I have finally become a "real" blogger.

Mind you, I'm not what I would call a "cyber slut"... but there's always time!

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Anonymous said...

Blogging has been huge for me as a writer. Writing for a real audience and getting spoken and unspoken feedback has done more me than years and years of going it alone.

Blogging definitely rocks. Glad you've thrown your hat into the ring!