Friday, July 13, 2007


Happy Friday the 13th (a lucky day for those who dare to see positive outcomes in the midst of change.)

Instead of a traditional horoscope, I thought I'd offer a relaxing nature-based horoscope. So...

FIND YOUR NATUROSCOPE - July 15-July 21, 2007

Aries: Engage in a nature-loving activity you normally would avoid. Turn off the air conditioning, take a stroll in the rain, play in the mud (whether you have a child with you or not.)

Taurus: Stand still for a full five minutes. Listen to the sounds of nature. Embrace the music.

Gemini: Eat a food or herb fresh from the tree, bush, or soil. Take special note of its texture, flavor, and temperature.

Cancer: Make eye contact with a creature that does not speak your language. Try to communicate visually and experience a special moment between the two of you.

Leo: Observe a domesticated animal's movements and reactions. Watch for instinctively "wild" tendencies.

Virgo: Enjoy a picnic meal on the grass (not at a table) alone or with friends and family. No cell phones, iPods, or Gameboys allowed.

Libra: Examine the movement of a bug you would normally avoid. Marvel in the intricacies of a spider's web, the speed of a running beetle, or the strength of a tiny ant.

Scorpio: Spend an afternoon looking up and around. Take note of all the creatures and objects that make the air and sky their sometime homes.

Sagittarius: Watch the clouds and allow yourself to spend time enjoying their free television in the sky.

Capricorn: Using only natural objects (stones, sticks, grass blades), make music alone or with a special someone.

Aquarius: Take off your shoes and walk in the grass, dirt, or sand. Remind yourself that it's the earth that keeps us grounded (with a little help from gravity.)

Pisces: Notice all the colors that nature gives us. Imagine what pictures and designs you could create using the earth as a palette.


Anonymous said...

...a lucky day for those who dare to see positive outcomes in the midst of change.

Interesting. That echoes the sentiment of my post today. Perhaps it's in the air.

The Quoibler said...


I was working on this post and stopped by your place and noticed we were on the same path today.

I like Friday the 13th... it's a good time to embrace change, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I like this post a bundle. I think it's very inspiring and really gives me a reason to think about things a little more closely.

Nice blog, BTW.



The Quoibler said...


Thanks for visiting... hey, what's your sign? (just curious... not trying to pick you up... ha ha ha)


Anonymous said...

I've always found Fridays the 13th curious. So much is made of them, but to me, they just seem curious, out-of-balance numbers.

Any reminder to embrace change is a wonderful thing in my estimation. The imbalance inherent in 13 sounds like a fitting place to do it!