Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maybe polygamists have something...?

It's official.

My husband and I need a wife.

Not for the fun stuff, mind you, but for all the duties typically assigned to the female in the family, especially down 'n dirty cleaning. (I love to cook, love to take care of our son, but loathe scrubbing or even dusting.)

Does it make me sexist to assume that another woman would be perfectly suited to do our laundry, tidy up the place and run the vacuum?

Perhaps we need a maid instead, but that sounds so luxurious and embarrassingly elitist. "Wife" has a nicer ring to it.

Until that day, though, the dust bunnies will reign.


Mary Witzl said...

Oh, please don't get me started on this!

I seem to spend half my time sweeping, tidying up garbage, cooking, washing, hauling clothes and bedding off the line -- and our house is still a huge tip. Sure, a wife would be great, but at this point, I'd happily settle for three tidier housemates.

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's not sexist, assuming you'd be as happy with a butler as with a maid. Anyone who gets the job done, right????

And then can i borrow him/her?

ChrisEldin said...

Yes, I agree.
We need one too.

SzélsőFa said...

You need to get your husband doing those things you dislike/don't have the time to do...
That's an alternative solution as well.
My husband loves to cook: his meals are all-alike, but then there are days you eat anything provided you were not the one who had to cook.

Aine said...

I sometimes yearn for the old clan in a village scenario. Many hands to help with the daily chores (including childcare!!) And it does avoid that annoying idea of another woman around your husband too much...

Beth said...

I would love an English butler and a full staff in a beautiful English manor. I'd want my full staff to be all dwarves. My husband says this is very wrong and bigoted. He says, "Beth, you cannot BUY little people ... they are real people, they are just smaller." And I say, "I KNOW I cannot buy them, I want to just hire them and have them work for me -- because they usually don't get good jobs ... and I'd pay for all surgeries they would need as little people usually have insurance that won't cover any of their needs as being little is a pre-existing condition (this is true)." Still, hubby thinks this is very bigoted and odd of me.

It's a true thing we actually go round and round about. I also want to buy Neverland Ranch. I scare me sometimes, but that's because I want to hire wee ones to operate the park and just let foster kids have free admission every day. That's a nice thing though, right?

I tell you though, first few million dollars and I'll be in that manor or at Neverland with my munchkinland staff. I don't care what anyone thinks! I can dream. I CAN DREAM! lol

And hey, why did your motivational speaker thing kick the bucket? Are you stopping now?

Barbara Martin said...

Interesting post that sets up all kinds of conjecture. It would be preferable for you to reallocate the household chores to your husband and children. Perhaps on a rotating basis to prevent grumbling.

SzélsőFa said...

some people have nice ideas:

The Quoibler said...


I COULD spend my time doing that... but I'm just too doggone interested in writing, reading and playing with my son. ;P So my house is a mess. Even my little guy knows it. Oh, well. Love me, love my dust bunnies!



Hey, butler, maid, homeless person who enjoys clean... I'm not picky.


I'll share if I ever find one!



I have problems asking my husband to do anything I'd be unwilling to do myself. :)



Honestly, I'm not jealous. So I wouldn't worry about the gal. :)

I just want a clean house. And a group of women helping out would be a nice perk!



Okay. I'm a little scared. Just a little. heh.

(But I did have to laugh!)



Oh, if only I could do that. But we're all kind of "creative" types. A chart would soon be lost in the clutter! :)