Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let's try something new...

Up until now, I haven't ever tried including any writing job advertisements in this blog, but I was intrigued by these two enough to pass them along.

They are from Craigslist and both are (probably) low-paying, but if you have a relevant finished or half-finished story sitting around collecting dust, it might be worth a query or submission.

And please, please, please don't get discouraged if you hear nothing or get rejected after contacting these folks (or any others). It's just part of the game.

And that's really what every business is, after all. One wild game with rules that change at a moment's notice.

Unlike a lot of working writers, I won't lie and say it isn't personal when you get negative responses, because sometimes they are personal.

But don't take them to heart.

Flip your computer the bird and move on. Or blog about the bastards who said you weren't good enough. Screw 'em. (And I say that in the spirit of the holiday season.)

Good luck!

Writers & Editors Needed for New Magazine

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-05, 2:01PM EST

Artist's Soul Magazine is a brand new publication aimed at the art community, attracting artists of all stripes and colors.

We are anticipating the premiere issue to be released in late spring / early summer. Our magazine will include something that will interest people from a variety of artistic backgrounds including the fine arts, digital arts, photography, performing arts, independent film enthusiasts, the literary arts, and the list can just keep breaking down from there.

We provide relevant information, intriguing articles, useful tips/tutorials, product reviews, and superb design. We are in need of the following individuals to join our team: - writers - editors We welcome any and all skill levels: students, professionals, self-taught individuals.

If you are a student, this might be the perfect opportunity to gain widespread recognition and exposure within your respective field. Please email your resume and three (3) samples of your work

Compensation: negotiable


Women Writers

Reply to: see below
Date: 2007-12-01, 7:29PM EST

We are an ezine that promotes communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers and readers.

We are currently seeking freelance writers for our upcoming editorial schedule and themes. Please visit: to get the flavor of our columns and features.

Writing Schedule and Themes for WOW! Women On Writing:

Jan. 2008 - Focus on Readers: book reviews, author interviews, how to make a freelance living at writing book reviews, book clubs, literary guilds, author interviews

Feb. 2008 - The Romance issue: Writing for romance markets, how to craft romantic scenes, book reviews, author interviews.

Mar. 2008 - Small Presses: Focus on how small presses create buzz, small press profiles, author stories about their experience with small presses.

Apr. 2008 - Big Publishing Houses: focus on traditional publishing, editor interviews, crafting a query letter or book proposal, trends in publishing.

May 2008 - Freelance Union: how to make a living as a freelance writer, copywriters, technical writers, book doctors, legal writing.

Our Columns pay a flat rate of $50-$75. Feature articles pay a flat rate of $150. Feature interviews pay a flat rate of $75.

Please visit our Contact Page for complete writer's guidelines and contact email addresses for the editorial department. We urge you to visit WOW! Women On Writing and view our previously published material.

NOTES: Get your submissions in as soon as possible. Spaces fill up fast. We also appreciate photographs to illustrate the article, or at least the writer's portrait. We are a highly visual online magazine.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards, Editors: WOW! Women On Writing and our entire staff


Angela said...

Hi there!

Thanks for posting about WOW!

I always cruise blogs to see who mentions us, so thank you. =o)

When bloglines is back up, lol, I'll be sure to add you to the WOW! Women On writing blogroll.

Big hugs, and Write On!


The Quoibler said...


You're very welcome! I've considered querying WOW for a while now, but with my other projects, it's just never been the right (write?) time.

Thanks for visiting!