Monday, December 3, 2007

Changing perspectives

Before I say anything, take a gander at this incredible photo of Sophia Loren.

What's the first thing you notice?

If you're an American, I'm sure it will be that she has tufts of underarm hair.
That was my initial thought, too.

But she's gorgeous. Even with those well-coiffed armpits.

When I first saw this image of Ms. Loren, it was hanging in a frame in a restaurant. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I mean, I'm so heterosexual it hurts, but it still took my breath away despite the dark fluff peeking out from under her shoulders.

This photograph honestly made me change the way I thought about mainstream attractiveness. Not that I'm going to stop shaving any time soon, but I recognize that beauty sometimes shows itself in unexpected ways.

So... what did you learn today that changed your perspective? (Aside from the fact that I am indeed a very disturbed, sick human being who desperately needs to be placed in an asylum for overworked, exhausted, punchy writers.)


TIV: the individual voice said...

Actually, I noticed her breasts. I always thought the American armhair thing totally stupid, and having very little of it, I have rarely shaved it, to much disdain on the part of my prissy nieces who see me as an old outdated feminist. Never shaved my legs either. Same reasons. No one seemed to notice that one.

SzélsőFa said...

The first thing I notice is her unnatural pose and awkward smile. Sophia's got some breathtaking photos that might, MIGHT make every heterosexual woman think about her orientation, just a little bit, but this is definitely NOT one of those shots.

Armpit hair?
I've noticed that too, and once I've read your lines I laughed my head off.

In Hungary, rarely anyone shaved
her armpits 10-15 years ago. Women went 'all natural', flasing heavy bushes down there. Now it's all changed and everyone seems to shave.

It was different with legs, though: it was all the rage to shave legs.
(Fortunately my legs are not really hairy, some part are literally hairless, so I don't care about that. If anyone notices, I don't care.)

Church Lady said...

What an interesting photo! I noticed the armpit hair right away. Couldn't take my eyes away. And she *is* definitely a beautiful woman!

And girlfriend, you have some sexy legs!!! I guess you really do run, and not just write about it for short writing contests!!

Beth said...

I didn't even notice the underarm hair and I don't find her attractive. Jesus, what does that say about ME?

Shameless said...

I first noticed the box above her head. But that's just me! :-)

Jennifer said...

I never used to shave but in Humboldt that was more common. Then I moved t New Mexico where the heat is so hot you try to get rid of any extra hair. So, shaving became more habit for me. But it never bothers me either way -- i.e. women who do or don't. I do not however find her too attractive Scully is way cuter.

The Quoibler said...

Tiv: So if I see a woman walking down the street who looks a little furry, I should say, "Hey! TIV!"? :) Seriously, I say do what you want. Life's too short to spend it in the shower stripping your body of hair. You go! (And I'll bet your nieces actually think it's kind of neat to have an auntie who isn't a prissy missy!)

Szelsofa: How fascinating! I really didn't know if shaving was considered a-okay in Hungary or not. You have given me an education today... and you've also made me giggle! "Heavy bushes". I can't help but crack up at that!

Church Lady: I am blushing! But I do think you have me confused with Beth, the Perfect Neurotic, who wrote about running. However, I do run and I really enjoy it. But I have to admit that the photo to the right of the blog is of me last year. This year I've been plagued with nagging aches and pains and my legs now look like mottled tree trunks. Well, sorta. But thanks for the awesome compliment!

Beth: You need therapy. Quickly. (*grins*)

Shameless: From a guy's point of view, do you find her appealing despite the hairy pits?

Jennifer: Ha! That's interesting about shaving for a purpose other than to be socially "acceptable". I never thought about that at all. Hmm. I wonder if shaving was "invented" in warmer regions?

SzélsőFa said...

I think Beth as Shameless both need therapy. Mwah hah hah.

Mary Witzl said...

I didn't really notice the hair; I just assumed it was something weird the camera did. I noticed her strong, supple-looking arms. Wish my arms looked like that.

The whole issue of shaving or not shaving bores me rigid. I hate the way women who don't conform to conventional grooming standards are labeled as retro-hippies or feminists; I would not label women who do shave as hyper-groomed bimbos.

The Quoibler said...

Szelsofa: Ha!

Mary: "Hyper-groomed bimbos"! I like that! :)