Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Have YOU Got "Rhythms"?

I'm fascinated by the notion of biorhythms, though I don't necessarily believe in the principle behind them.

In case you're not familiar with what biorhythms supposedly are, here's a brief explanation in my own words (which are not flowing like they should since I've only drunk half of my morning coffee allotment):

There is a belief that, depending upon the date you were born, your emotional, intellectual, and physical "cycles" will peak at predictable intervals. However, all three will only occasionally be at similar levels; thus, on a given day you might be able to easily understand complex calculations related to the time-space continuum but still struggle to get your ass out of your chair.

How's that for an answer? (Need.More.Java.)

Anyway, just for fun, I periodically like to get a free biorhythm reading over at Though I'm not entirely "sold" on the notion of biorhythms, it's an enjoyable diversion. And today I was in for a treat...

According to their computations, December 5th is a strong day for me not only for my primary biorhythms (the three mentioned above), but also for my secondary biorhythms (mastery, passion, and wisdom).


So why the hell am I sitting here feeling like a big old moose chewed me up, spat me out, shat upon me, then repeatedly kicked me for half an hour?


Church Lady said...

Maybe the moose's rhthyms are peaking on Dec 5 also.

The Quoibler said...

Damn moose.