Monday, September 8, 2008

Why we need "Get Out of ______ Free" cards

My husband and son went miniature golfing yesterday and were privy to the incredibly painful conversation of a couple ahead of them.

This UN-dynamic duo was apparently on a first (and hopefully last) date; as hubby tells it, the discussion was enough to make you want to jump into the river. Let's just say that it turned to comments like, "Does your office have a cafeteria? Mine used to"

In cases like this, wouldn't it be nice to have little cards that say: "This date is officially over. It's okay. You can go home."? You could silently hand the card to couples on dates that are obviously tanking. Then, they'd be free to leave without having to worry about hurting one another's feelings.

What other cards do you wish you could hand out to strangers? Maybe "Please don't wear that color again" or "Turn off the cell phone... now"?


Aerin said...

Hey Ang - someone actually does make cards like this - one of the ones I remember was to give to a person with toilet paper stuck to her shoe... I can't find the site right now but I will send the link if I come across it

Beth said...

I'd like a card that says, "Your cologne and/or perfume is making the cilia burn off of my nasal passages."

Oh and, "If you yell at your kid or jerk his/her arm like that again, I'm going to break your nose."

Lovely cards. =)

m said...

Ang, love your idea. I would probably expand it to failed social interactions in general. Ones that say, "It ok. You can stop talking to me. I know our mutual friend/colleague/relative thought he/she was doing us a favor by introducing us, but please. Really. No need to fake it. I can't stand you either."