Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Could it really be August 20?

It's so strange to get sidetracked from blogging here for almost two weeks... how does that happen?

I'm not really so busy that I cannot breathe or take a break.

At least, I don't think I'm that busy.

Let me check.

(*breathes in and out a few times*)

Nope, still here and the ol' ticker's working, too.

Well, I shall just endeavor (as I've done before, I admit with much shame) to be a better blogger. Or to hire someone to blog on my behalf. I can pay in applause. Maybe gummy bears. (Nah, I'll keep the gummies. Sorry. I'm a selfish only child.)


Mary Witzl said...

I need to do more of that getting sidetracked; I'm clearly addicted to blogging. When I knew we would be moving by the end of August, I figured I'd quit. But I can't. I wake up every day wanting to write more.

Next month it all changes. Next month I get a full-time job, and I won't have time to write diddly-squeak. I'm a little worried about going cold turkey, but I'll just have to give it a shot.

Mary Witzl said...

Oh -- and your boy should do fine! My cousin's son's favorite color was pink and he had a much-beloved Cabbage Patch doll he took to school every day. But he still liked soccer and paint-balling and other boy stuff, and he was hugely popular with everyone because he was gregarious. If I had a son, I'd pray that he had a warm fuzzy side.

Beth said...

You know, summertime many people get sidetracked from blogging. I do. I just, I don't know ... feel disjointed. Today's posted was a post saying I had nothing much to say. Haha.

Beth said...

:::banging fits on legs:::

New video of you and son! New video of you and son!

(This is me missing you)