Monday, September 8, 2008


My son recently turned five years old. How it seems like just yesterday that I was up with him all night -- every night -- as a new, scared, exhausted, unsure mommy.

For the first months of his life, he didn't sleep. The term everyone uses for such kids is "colicky". To me, it was a hellish nightmare; I remember very little of the time.

One thing I do recollect very clearly is watching television in the wee hours of the morning. Anything to keep me awake. And this song became my anthem; every time it was on MTV, I literally hugged my squawling infant just a little tighter, vowing not to let my lack of psychic energy get in the way of our begin together for a lifetime.

Enjoy... and please share any tunes that take you back...

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Aine said...

Trauma is a most potent time for associations to be made in our brains. And what's more traumatic than early infancy with no end in sight!?

My first bout with motherhood was more traumatic than the second. And the music that takes me back is (regrettably) when Jason plays the bagpipes. But the stronger association for me is actually from my second daughter. She was born in December of 2001. "God Bless America" will always remind me of her infancy. It takes me right back to the 9/11 aftermath which was intensified by maternal hormones.