Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Big Old Juicy "Thank You"

I wanted to send out a huge note of THANKS to Jason Evans and the community over at his blog, The Clarity of Night.

I was quite taken by surprise when the story I wrote for his latest contest won the Readers' Choice Award as well as an honorable mention.

I'm trying to figure out a way to pay him back for his kindness... but until I think of something more creative, I'm simply going to urge all of you to visit him, comment on his poems, stories, photographs and musings, and definitely take part in his next contest (scheduled for mid-February.)

Congratulations to winners Raine Weaver (1st place), Beth, aka The Perfect Neurotic (2nd place), Leon Van Eck (3rd place), Dottie Camptown (4th place), Precie (5th place), John Weagly (Honorable Mention), Josh Vogt (honorable mention), and Szelsofa (honorable mention).

Come to think of it, I encourage you to stop by ALL of the winners' sites? (Links are available through The Clarity of Night.)


jason evans said...

Most deserved, Angelique! Yours was a welcome breath of comedic skill into the competition. Thanks for all of your support!

the individual voice said...

Great job, A. Could be the beginning of an actually funny sitcom, come to think of it.

the individual voice said...

And in honor of your achievement, I have, tagged you for a meme over at my post called Cole's Meme. Enjoy, you devil.

SzélsőFa said...

I enjoyed the contest just as much as anyone I suppose. And like Jason said, yours was one of the attempts from the brighter side, it really was refreshing.

Church Lady said...

Yours was very, very funny and clever!

The Quoibler said...

Jason: Thanks so much ~ I really appreciated your comments!

Tiv: Oh my god... I can totally imagine what a sitcom would be like. Or perhaps a series of commercials (like the Geico caveman or the Jack Links Beef Jerky Sasquatch ones). Hmmm...! Oh, and I'll plan on covering the meme over the next couple of days -- thanks for the tag. It looks like fun!

Szelsofa: Isn't it funny that a story on hell could be considered "refreshing"? :)

Church Lady: Aw, thanks. You're making me blush a shade of devil red.

SzélsőFa said...

Oh, that's funny.