Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Look, Same Zaniness

So... I'm not certain I love having a pic of me looming over my words, but I'll take it for now.

I've been so crazily busy that I've (*sob*) neglected my blog. I think I need to get back.

In any case, here's what's going through my mind:

1. Do I enter the world of Twitter? I find it annoying, but it seems to be the future of quick communication.

2. How about LinkedIn? I'm already there and have begun to amass a network, but I haven't decided how to make the most of it yet. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

3. And finally: Facebook. I hate the idea that schoolmates could "find" me if I don't really want to be found. Do you have any experience with this whole realm?

4. Why does every kid's lunchbox eventually wind up smelling like bananas EVEN if the kid never took a banana to school?


m said...

hey stranger! Here's my 2 cents:

1. join twitter - once you get the hang of finding folks of like minds (new search helps a ton) you'd be amazed how many people find you. VERY helpful for driving traffic to your blog, if you don't mind hearing what people had for lunch on any given day.

2. LinkedIn - meh. I'm there, but noncommital, but hey, it helped me find your blog. :) I too am unsure how to make the most of it.

3. FB - DON'T join if you don't want to be found or find yourself checking out what old high school friends or flames are up to. (not that I would....) I have definitely scoffed at a few "friend" requests that I have received. Of course, you could always join and set your settings to super private, making it harder to be found, and not allowing anyone other than friends you accept to see your stuff. But what's the fun of that.

4. no flipping idea.

The Quoibler said...

Hey, back atcha!

Interesting on Twitter... I'm thinking that it's going to be inevitable, but I'm still waffling.

Glad you're perplexed by the banana thing, too. :)

Thanks for popping in! I'm still following your blog, by the way. I'm hoping that spring and summer bring pleasant experiences. You deserve the best.


Grosgrain Kathleen said...

My two cents on facebook. Yes, people can find you. But you can have your settings set to private and the only way people can see your profile is if you allow them.

If you want to stay very private do these things....

Don't put a picture of yourself as your main pic. Don't use your name as your user name. Don't fill out any personal information. And set your profile to private.

That way the only people who you want to see your profile are the ones you request.

But to be honest, this sort of defeats joining facebook altogether, right? So maybe just do a couple of those things and your should be fine:)

There are people who check their facebook everyday (you can see the last time they logged on) and then there are people who only log on when they get some action (a friend request) on their account. One warning....it can be wayyyy more addicting than you may think.

You may think you are the latter but may actually turn out to be the former.

Anyway, hope you join. Don't be turned off just because it's trendy:)