Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If "Only"...

I'm an only child.

But that's wonderful. I've never wanted to be anything else.

No brothers, no sisters, no problem!


It was with great interest that I read a CareerBuilder article suggesting that first-borns and only kids tend to make the most money. (The author apparently decided not to talk with me... ahem... the life of a freelance writer does not a huge bank account make.)

The article goes on to suggest that middles make the least money, but are awesome negotiators, and those "babies" of the family do pretty well because of their innate charm.

Interesting, but is it all a parlor game?

  • My question to you is: Do you think birth order has played a significant role in your life? Why or why not?

(For the record, I definitely feel being an only child has affected my world, both negatively and positively... but mostly positively.)


Ello said...

I am the oldest - and was an only for 8 years so I can speak on both fronts. I am still waiting to make more money. Need I say more?

Hoodie said...

I am the youngest of 7 kids, by a long shot. My closest sibling is 8 years older than me. Looking at the vast array of personalities in my immediate family I have to say that I don't hold much stock in birth order. The one who is the absolute middle is the most wealthy of all of us.

But then I think gender might have something to do with it. He is one of the only two boys. Traditionally, boy=breadwinner.

I am the youngest, but felt like an only child at times. I perfectly willing to admit that I may be the only one who thinks I'm charming, but I do think it, nonetheless.

Aine said...

I take the positives about anything that supposedly describes me (i.e. astrology, palm reading, birth order) because my ego likes that.

But I do chuckle about birth order because I don't fit any of the categories. I was born 12 years after two half-sisters, but only 13 minutes after my twin brother. Am I the youngest? Or are my twin and I both "onlies" because we were the first in our (our parents as a couple) family? Is my brother a middle child since he was born 13 minutes before me? Or does he qualify for the same category as me, which is technically a contradiction.

Okay, my head hurts now. If anyone has a good answer with sufficient supportive evidence (remember, I'm an attorney's wife--ha!) please let me know!


Aine said...

PS-- And when I was working I clearly made more money than my twin (gender roles be damned!). So how does that fit into the theory?

SzélsőFa said...

I have yet to see evidence of connection between birth order and the amount of money earned.
I am an only child so I can not relate.

But I tend to think birth order definitely plays a role in the person's life.

Mary Witzl said...

It definitely played a role in my life. I am a middle child and although I don't think that my birth order affected my wage-earning ability, it certainly affected my personality for various reasons. Both of my sisters were extraordinary, but I always felt that I could not be. My older sister effortlessly kept a 4.0 average and wowed all her teachers. My younger sister was more gifted at P.E. (a lost cause for me) and math and was in a higher math class than I was despite being younger. Socially, I always felt that I could beat both of them, but I did not dare: they were terribly envious of my slightly superior skill, so I made sure to stay a nerd. I desperately wished that I could have my older sister's independence and big sister privileges (which she spurned) -- and I was also envious of my younger sister's cute little-sister status. Things are a lot better now!