Sunday, April 6, 2008

I knew it!


I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

Check out this link:

(From today's PostSecret batch.)

(By the way, I've been out of blogging action recently just to finish some major projects. I've missed everybody and am hoping to finally get back into the swing of some spring blogging!)


Anonymous said...

I've just read the post on PostSecret a few minutes before readig yours.
I don't know about WholeFoods market and its policy but I stick to my original opinion.


Ello said...

You know, I still love walking into Whole Foods and seeing how their produce just looks so good all the time. Better than my local supermarket that's for sure.

ChristineEldin said...

I also like Whole Foods.

We missed you too! Welcome back!

The Quoibler said...


I can understand your point. I have yet to go to a Whole Foods market, but I hear they are spectacular!



I love grocery shopping -- tell me more! :)



You can chime in, too. I'd love to hear about Whole Foods. Mmmm...


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