Tuesday, March 25, 2008

101 Unconventional Uses for a Wood Chipper

I'll need everyone's help on this one...

Here's my contribution:

101. Carrot shredder.
100. Dead body disposer.
99. Enron documents graveyard.

Your turn...!


Anonymous said...

98. Unlikely ending for the April Fools' Contest over at In Search of Giants!!

(Well, I tried.)

Mary Witzl said...

We borrowed a friend's wood chipper last year, and I was speechless with awe. All I could think about was all the coleslaw I'd been making for a friend's party and what a great way that would be to get through those headache-inducing mounds of cabbage.

So there you go: The wood chipper is your best friend and ally in times of mass coleslaw production. Just remember to clear out all the wood resin first, and maybe forget about shredding your oleanders for a couple weeks preceding...

Jennifer said...

96. Slurpee machine
95. To make that newspaper in the bottom of rabbit cages.
94. As the perfect editor for most romance novels.
93. When your really mad at the ex, and happen to have some of his stuff around.
92. Quick dough slicer for the world's largest pie.

That's all I've got.

tess said...

91. coffee bean grinder
90. tree bark flavored granola maker
89. yummy bagel chip maker
88. egg beater
87. shaved ice maker (flavor optional)
86. nasty hospital food blender

Anonymous said...

85. Prosthesis fitter.

Leoma said...

Good for people to know.