Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Tibetan Monk

In a recent post, I predicted that in 2008, a Tibetan monk would figure out the answer as to whether a tree falling in a forest makes a sound when no one's there to hear it, become disenchanted with his lifestyle as a result, become a hip-hop singer, and then return at the end of the year to the monastery.

That made my sick little mind wonder... what would the titles of his songs be?

So far, I've come up with the following ditties:

Himalayan Ho
Never Forget the Yet(i)
One Hand Clappin', Monks a-Rappin'

Obviously, I desperately need your help coming up with better fodder than this crud...!


Mary Witzl said...

Umm...Himalayan Rocky Mountain High? Nearer My God to Thee? Rock of Ages? Rap Around the Clock?


Lori said...

You're killin' me! LOL!!

Ello said...

One hand clappin' monks rappin' is too funny!!

Seriously this is not original but Tibetan monks would definitely rap to Rice, rice baby.

Writer, Rejected said...

1) "Triple Gem of Buddha--Yo!"
2) "Monastic Bombastic"
3) "I am not here, so neither is the tree"

Beth said...

OMG, I thought that was absolutely hysterical! Bahahahaha

The Quoibler said...


I like the first one the most! :)


Glad you're enjoying the craziness!


Oooo... NICE!


How could anyone possibly reject you with creativity like that?!?


Next time, maybe we should write titles that describe that skank at your son's school. ha! :)