Monday, January 21, 2008

Breaking the "fourth wall"


Aine said...

Yes! Ha! "Going postal" is outdated now-- it should be something like "he's climbing the Skytubes." That place could write a manual on how to create a murderer.

Maybe all teenagers should be forced to work several birthday parties, then attend a lecture on safe sex/abstinence! :D

Church Lady said...

I can't get the volume to work. But your lips move like a British mum. I don't know why I say that.
Seems funny. I'll try again later...

The Quoibler said...


You're right!

My son HATES those Skytubes things... which is probably good because can you imagine the germs that lie in wait there? YIKES. They're probably as big as a banana!

I love the sex education idea. ha ha ha! I think I'll write a post on that (which I'll dedicate to you, my Muse!)



I always wanted to be British! Somehow, if you say anything with a British accent, it sounds classy.

I mean, if I say, "Did you see that steaming pile of shit?", it sounds like a classless American talking. BUT if you say it in a British accent -- VOILA! You're a delightful British scamp!

I hope you can get that sound working. Are they censoring me in Dubai today?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that makes that little fluorescent stamp they give you seem far more ominous.

Thanks for the little introduction!

Church Lady said...

Ahhh! Chuck-E-Cheese!

Those guys do look scary, eh?

(I had the mute button on. Or one of my kids pressed it. Yeah, that's it!)

The Quoibler said...


You're right! It's a conspiracy! Call the police! Ahhhhhhhhhkkkkk!



Yeah, right... "the kids" did it! *wink, wink*