Friday, January 23, 2009

All the world's a page... er, a stage...

My newest dream? To write a play.

Don't get me wrong--I've thought about this for quite a while... most of my life, really. And I've written a few script attempts (which are probably laughable and I'd print 'em here if I could find 'em!) But never a full-fledged play.

Why is this suddenly hitting me now? Is it because I'm finally pressing down on my forties and can feel the Grim Reaper's stinky (hopefully distant) breath starting to condense on my neck? Is it a "midlife" crisis? (God, is 37 midlife? And if it is, that means I'll die at 74. That sounds so young!)

I think perhaps it's just that I really love the theatre and although I currently teach acting classes, I don't get to act. Sure, I have opportunities to show young thespians how to perform, but I almost never get on a stage. So writing a play seems like the next-best-thing!

Of course, there are a few questions I must ask myself, including:

1. When the hell do I have time to write a play?
2. What the hell should the play's topic be?
3. Why the hell do I keep inserting "hell" in every sentence?



Anonymous said...

"hell" is fun. *giggle* go for it, A. you'd be great!

SzélsőFa said...

I also, highly disapprove of calling a thoughtful inner conversation at the mild age of 37 a midlife crisis.

I wrote a play when in gradual school :)))
It was called 'Santa Claus in the forest' and involved animals and Santa. Nothing much else to say about the play, but since it was short, I might translate it some day for you to understand :)))

As for your plans I'd say why the hell not?

Mary Witzl said...

Do it!!

I wrote a play two years ago. I had great fun, too; the kids would walk into the room while I was writing and ask me why I was talking to myself.

Anonymous said...

It seems, it will approach.