Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When Objectivity Goes on Hiatus...

"Am I still any good at writing?"

It's a question I ask myself almost every day, longing for an answer but unconvinced that I'll ever truly know if what I'm composing is concise or appealing.

Part of the problem (though it's a good one to have) is the volume of work I've undertaken. If I'm not writing, I'm sleeping (or daydreaming about sleep.) Or I'm driving to the gym to work out (while thinking about writing.) Or I'm playing with my son (while thinking about writing.) Or I'm shopping for groceries (while thinking about writing.)

With all this focus on constantly creating fresh, relevant, and interesting copy, I've lost my objectivity. In fact, I sometimes look at sentences and articles I've written and wonder, "Is this even worth what I'm being paid?"

In my heart, I know I can write. And I know that my writing is still acceptable to 95% of the population (or at least 90%.) But the seeds of doubt are sprouting into weeds of destruction.

Quickly! Somebody throw me a trowel so I can dig 'em up before they take root!

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