Monday, May 5, 2008

Swamped with work, but found a few minutes to play today...


SzélsőFa said...

This is just funny!
What a perfect way to use any non-work time :))

Is that a shelf of book running along below the ceiling, btw - or are my eyes deceiving me?

Re: you like my name.
I like SzélsőFa, too, but as you probably know, that is my Indian name.
Not my real name.
SzélsőFa has a meaning for me, a meaning I choose with adding up two words. I feel it's mine, but my official (ID-card) name is something different.

Mary Witzl said...

I had to listen to this with the sound off (long story), so I couldn't hear what your little boy was saying. But boy, the resemblance between you two! I'll bet you've heard that a lot, right?

Good for you for getting in this play while you can. Soon enough he'll be telling you that he has other things to do. (Sniff!)

Hoodie said...

Ha! That was awesome.

A little eminem in the making.

Aine said...

What a performer! Watch out American Idol...

The Quoibler said...


It really was the highpoint of my day! :)

Actually, that's a wallpaper border. It was here when we bought the house and we kept it because we liked it so much for the office.



I do get that a lot. I actually think he looks like a good mix between my husband and myself, but his coloring definitely favors me.

I haven't reached the point yet where I sniffle about the past, but I think it's coming next year when he enters Kindergarten!



Oh, dear... I don't think I can be mom to Eminem, Part II!



You cannot imagine. It's like that all day, every day. I am probably terrible for putting his image on the web, but he just cracks me up. (Maybe it's just me... I'm kind of wacky.)